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Reasons Eric Harris isn't a "classic psychopath" →



At the beginning of this interview Cullen calls Eric Harris an example of a classic psychopath, which is just not true so I decided to make a list.

Reasons how Eric is NOT a classic example of a psychopath:

1. He did show sympathy for hurting his family, he apologized to his family for doing what he did and said he felt bad about it. (though not stopping him)

2. He didn’t show early signs of a psychopath. (torturing animals, not having friends as a child.)

3. Was not sexually promiscuous. (died a virgin and was actually very polite to women)

4. Not irresponsible. (was very meticulous about his grades)

5. Not unreliable. (only missed work to take care of his sick dog)


me:*looks in mirror*
me:thank god i have a good taste in music



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15 years ago, April 19th, 1999, Eric and Dylan, along with Brooks and Becca, skipped 5th period and went to McDonald’s for their last lunch.

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